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RE: Ode to America message from rob cohn

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> Dear Karen, et al:
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> We are
> told that the crash had nothing to do with terrorism, or this
> situation, but it
> will be a long while before many of us are convinced of that.

Really, I haven't heard anything conclusive.

> I have not yet bought my $29.95 "flag package" to fly the fact that I'm a
> patriot, much as the TV ads inveigle others to get out their
> plastic.  I am not
> particularly proud of this, but I am also not NOT proud.  It's
> just the way
> things are for those of us who think.

So "It's just the way things are for those of us who think"?  Meaning that
Karen and others, like me, *don't* think?  My friend, I'm glad that we have
people like you to "think" for us and put us in our place.  Pardon me if I'm
not on my knees at this time.

> Life had been brought down to its
> lowest common
> denominator, imminent death, which awaits us all, no matter where we live!
> Jeff

 ....and that's why we are going after the terriorist.  "Imminent death"
shouldn't be decided by such people as these terriorist.

Sometimes "we" take ourselves too seriously.  I am hopeful that when we look
back ten years from now, that we commend those involved who had the courage
to take the initiative and attack the infrastructure of such evil acts.

I just read the "Ode to America" and somehow can't make the connection to
some of these emails.  Perhaps it's because I don't think.  One thing that I
am sure of, there will never be a shortage of critics.

Just my $0.02,

Mel  (apparently not a thinker; a "feeler" perhaps?)

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