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Captain Chris St. Clair wins again!

I received the following email from Chris St. Clair regarding his latest
quest at the North vs. South Highland Games Challenge. Captain Chris's South
team won!  Would you expect anything less?

A couple of photos of Chris and Ed Sinclair competing at the Stone Mt. Games
can be found on my Stone Mt. Games album:

A web page of Team USA and some good information can be found at:
Photos of the athletes, including Chris, are on the page.

Chris mentioned that his next competition will be at the Loch Norman
Highland Games (near Charlotte, NC, USA) in 2002.  We will have a tent at
the games, April 19-21, 2002.  Hopefully we'll have many cousins there!
Mark your calendars.  Visit the Loch Norman Highland Games web site at:

Wishing all a most happy Thanksgiving or simply a day of Thanks Giving!

Mel of South Carolina
Email: melsinclair1@yahoo.com

********Email From Chris St. Clair***********

Mr. Sinclair,
Well, I am happy to report that the South team, which included Ed Sinclair
and myself (captain), was victorious in the 5th annual North/South Highland
Games Challenge.

The South team won by a score of 274-271.

I was fortunate to win the overall competition as well with 4 first place
finishes. This may conclude my time as an amateur. I am not sure. If all
well, I will be competing next as a pro at the Loch Norman Games in
Charlotte, NC.

Have a happy holiday.

********End Email from Chris St. Clair********

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