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Re: Sinclair Dates

Edward I was 20 November 1272 proclaimed King of England.  Longshanks or
Scottorum malleus (Hammer of the Scots) was  a strong ruler.  He thought
that  the king should promote the general welfare and be above class or
faction.  he was a Crusader as a Prince, a law giver as a king and arguable
the greatest English king of the Middle Ages.  Robert the Bruce comparing
Edward to his homosexual, spendthrift son, "I am more afraid of the bones of
the father dead, than of the living son; and, by all the saints, it was more
difficult to get a half a foot of the land from the old king than a whole
kingdom from the son!"

He was the grandson of King John Lackland,  who signed Magna Charta in 1215,
and Isabelle de St Clare, daughter of William de St. Clare Earl of


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