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Re: Louisa St. Clair

Such a feast for all of us.
Thank you Ian.  Glad to know they are still available.  I just check my
local bookstore and see that they have several of these available also.
Had forgotten that Joseph Gies wrote the Pastons:  A Medieval Family.   That
was really good too.  The Pastons were an upward mobile family in England of
the 15th century.  One of the Paston lawyers represented a man named Fastaf
(or something like that).  It turns out that Shakespere based his character
on the false accusations against this man and developed the fool Falstaf in
his play.  Brief mention of a relative of Chaucer also.  From the multitude
of letters that were preserved, some how, we can get a picture of their
lives as never before.
I think one can think of Prince Henry's wife as she had to run Rosslyn
Castle and all the lands and tenents, etc. in his absence in the north.
These women were anything but decorative.

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