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Dear Bruce:

Thanks for answering.  I'm sure I'll enjoy the book, as you have, when my Dad
returns.  Too we bad can't view the complete scroll in Andrew's book.  I saw
the scroll framed in the upstairs Masonic display at Roslin during my last
trip to Scotland.  Sadly I didn't take a photo of it.  It wasn't SO big that
the entire scroll couldn't have been printed in the book, even in pieces, at
little or no extra cost.  I for one don't need to see the scroll on  expensive
glossy paper.  I'd be happy to see it on regular text paper.  Color is
immaterial to me.  I believe that if you write a book about something that's
meaning depends on the SEEING of it, then it should be seen.  I know the
complete scroll was available some time back at a "Sinclair gathering" or two,
before the book was published.  I truly hope that someone will make the
complete scroll available again in some form or another, albeit primitively,
so that we may all more fully understand and appreciate Andrew's observations
in the book we've bought.  Perhaps assemble-able pieces of it could be scanned
and then downloaded from a website?

Thanks Again!


bruce carlyon wrote:

> No it doesn't.
> There are a selecion of images published, but a complete profile was not
> published.
> This was the most disappointing aspect of an otherwise very enjoyable book.
> I have it with me as I type this email.
> There is about only 5 or 6 scroll images printed in the colour plates.
> The rest of the plates are dedicated to other parts of the scroll story.
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