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Re: Louisa St. Clair

So now we know admiration of Louisa was recorded at least as early as 1860.
This is much embellished but there is more, an historical part, that
hopefully you will read about in the Yours Aye--so please don't give away
any more of the story now.  Ths rare old book that Neil has contains some
fascinating stories.
> In response to Laurel Fechner's reference to the story of Louisa St.
> Clair, I submit the following that is copied from an OLD book called
> "Our Western Border One Hundred Years Ago".  Some time ago I copied from
> this book the story  "Destruction of  The Erie Tribe of Indians"  and
> published it in the 'Prince Henry Sinclair  Association of North
> America' newsletter. The stories (and there are oodles of them) are

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