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Hiram Richard Sinclair

My great great grandfather was honored last Saturday at the Hartford City 
Indiana Civil War Days for his service, and wounds received as part of the 
Union Cavalry. A reinactors unit of the 19th. Indiana Infantry, known as part 
of the Iron Brigade gave a very loud 21 gun salute. They were marched in by 
their drum and bugle corps. An Abraham Lincoln look-a-like recounted the 
Gettysburg Address. It's amazing that some of the words in his speech ring 
true today, where a war is once again being fought on our soil. The mayor of 
this small town presented a certificate to the family. It was accepted by my 
sister on behalf of a rather large and appreciative group of 23 Sinclairs. We 
decorated his grave with roses and an American flag, then stood in silence 
and wondered if he knew we were there to salute him. A family dinner closed 
the evening. This was the first time many of us has seen each other since my 
grandpa died in 1977. We have now planned to make this an annual event. We 
will still go to the cemetery to watch the ceremony each year to honor those 
buried there who served our country. Even 85 years after his death, Hiram has 
managed to bring his children's children together again

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis