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Re: Son of Agnes Sinclair, 4th Earl of Bothwell

Dear Sinclair:

I wonder if Dragsholm Castle Hotel has a "wish you were here" postcard of the
Earl.  I'd love to see him.  There is no known portrait, however, of his nephew
Francis, the accused ringleader of the North Berwick Witches, so his face will
forever remain a mystery.  It is interesting that James VI eventually married
Anne of Denmark.  Any idea if his term of imprisonment was in Norway, where he
was captured, or Denmark, where he died?

When I was investigating the family Nisbet's part in the Scottish Witch Hunts,
as part of my genealogical study a few years ago (before I got sidetracked by
the Templars), a question was posed about the identity of a mysterious "Lady
Bothwell" by a scholar in the field.  I believe your "Mistress Bothwell" may be
the answer to that question.  Thanks very much.  I'll tuck the info away for
when I get back on that particular track.

Thanks also for the text of Francis Scott Key's "Star Spangled Banner" that you
posted a while ago.  It has great depth.



Sinclair wrote:

> Dear Jeff
> I could not resist looking into the matter you raised about Bothwell's body.
> There is a Sinclair at every turn of this tale.
> James Hepburn, fourth Earl of Bothwell, was a swashbuckler for whom things
> badly unbuckled. In Faravejle church, Zealand his remains were shown in a
> glass coffin until 1975 when the display was deemed too grisly. His ghost is
> said to haunt Dragsholm castle, near Faravejle church. The Faravejle parish
> council is reluctant to part with the remains. They are a tourist
> attraction.  Dragsholm castle is now a hotel located in Route 225 Odsherred,
> Demark.

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