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RE: A Sinclair survivor of the Pentagon attack

William Wayne Sinclair always imagined he had a guardian angel.  Sept.
11 convinced him it was so. Sinclair, 54, was sitting at his desk on the
first floor of the Pentagon that morning when he felt a giant "gush of
air, then everything went dark." He was taken to the hospital and
treated for burns to his hands and arms.  He also suffered minor burns
on his face and ears and bruises and scratches all over his body.  After
two operations, he is moving a little slower and has limited mobility in
his hands.  President Bush visited Sinclair in the hospital.  He is a
civilian Army contractor who lives in Riverdale, Md.  This was reported
with Photos in the San Antonio, TX newspaper.  Thought maybe some of the
Sinclairs might find it interesting.
                Andy Cottingham (Great-grandmother was a Sinclair)

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