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RE: "President Arthur St.Clair" message - is it dinkum?

Many thanks to all those that have more than adequately answered my enquiry
as to who the abovementioned gent was.  I now consider myself fairly

More fool Mr. Stanley L. Klos, President of "Virtualology.com" in 
E. Main Street, Carnegies, PA, wherever "PA" is, for assuming that the
internet is restricted to the geographical borders of the United States!
(I'm of course assuming back that "PA" is part of USA)

Did he really expect a lowly Anglo-Australian-Scotty to know who the heck
he was referring to, and without even a proper introduction to boot?

Sometimes I despair.  I guess I'll just have to go back to sticking my head
in the sand.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
home of the "sandgropers"
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