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More UK Nat. Archive Sinclair material, plus reply to Sally

At 11:10 09/10/2001 -0400, Sally Spangler wrote:
>Also for Ian Newman, I am happy to find there is a source to look up the
>Sinclairs of Herdmanston, but I do not find a connection in the places
>suggested in the site.

Hi Sally,

Is the "frame" appearing correctly in the left hand side of your screen?
On my (Netscape) browser the only thing that appears is their logo, until I
click on the frame area, then select EDIT and then SELECT ALL from the
pull-down menu.  This then shows a number of selection categories in the
frame. Methinks the site was probably built with a leaning towards the
Microsoft Internet Explorer type of browser, hence the problem with the
frame in Netscape.

To access the Sinclair stuff, I clicked "Personal Name" then "Family Name".

When you click on the name of the document/letter, information appears
detailing which branch of the archives holds that particular item. I think
you have to write to them if you require further information, or copies.  I
was not suggesting that the documents could be viewed online. Apologies for
any confusion.

Here's some more from the "Corporate" section:

   Caithness (1)

   Caithness Banking Co, Wick Caithness (1)

   Caithness Baronies, Caithness (1)

   Caithness Commissioners of Supply, Caithness (1)

   Caithness County Council, Highland (1)

   Caithness District Council, Highland (1)

   Caithness Field Club, Caithness (2)

   Caithness lieutenancy, Caithness (1)

   Caithness Southern District Council, Highland (1)Sinclair, east indiaman

   Orkney Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Kirkwall Orkney (1)

   Sinclair family, Napsbury and Tollgate Farms, St Peter Rural
Hertfordshire (1)

   Sinclair family, Tithebarns Farm, Guildford Surrey (1)

   Robert Sinclair, joiner, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Edinburgh
Midlothian (1)

   Robert Sinclair of Quendale, Quendale Shetland (1)

   William Sinclair, physician, Thurso Caithness (1)


Ian Newman
in Oz
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