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Sinclair material held in UK National Archives

G'day folks,

The UK National Register of Archives  
( http://www.hmc.gov.uk/nra/browser/browserhome.htm )
shows the following names on its indexes:

   Sinclair family, baronets, of Dunbeath & Barrock (1)

   Sinclair family, baronets of Longformacus (1)

   Sinclair family, baronets, of Ulbster (1)

   Sinclair family, Barons Sinclair: Herdmanston (1)

   Sinclair family, Earls of Caithness (3)

   Sinclair family of Brabster (1)

   Sinclair family of Freswick (1)

   Sinclair family of Holy Hill (1)

   Sinclair family of Mey (1)

   Sinclair family, Viscounts Thurso (1)

   Sinclair-Wemyss family of Southdun (3)

   St Clair-Erskine family, Earls of Rosslyn: Alva (2)

   St Clair-Erskine family, Earls of Rosslyn: Dysart (1)

   Andrew Sinclair, 1697-1760 Professor of Medicine (1)

   Annabella Sinclair, Emigrant (1)  [Orkney - Australia]

   Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, 1890-1970 1st Viscount Thurso (13)

   Catherine Sinclair, 1800-1864 Novelist (2)

   David Sinclair, 1847-1919 Surgeon General (1)

   Sir Edwyn Sinclair Alexander-Sinclair, 1865-1945 Knight Admiral (1)

   George Sinclair, 1786-1834 Author of 'hortus Gramineus Woburnensis' (2)

   Sir George Sinclair, 1790-1868 2nd Baronet Politician and Author (10)

   Sir George Evelyn Sinclair, b 1912 Knight Colonial Administrator and
Conservative MP (3)

   Sir Hugh Francis Paget Sinclair, 1873-1939 Knight Admiral (1)

   James Sinclair, 1688-1762 General Diplomat MP (2)

   James Sinclair, 1913-1968 Botanist (1)

   John Sinclair, 1610-1676 7th Baron Sinclair (1)

   Sir John Sinclair, 1754-1835 1st Baronet Politician and Agriculturist (41)

   John Sinclair, 1797-1875 Archdeacon of Middlesex Educationist (3)

   John Sinclair, 1860-1925 1st Baron Pentland MP (8)

   John Alexis Clifford Cerda Alexander-Sinclair, 1906-1988 Diplomat (1)

   John Houston Sinclair, 1871-1961 British Resident at Zanzibar (1)

   Louis Sinclair, 1909-1990 Academic (1)

   May Sinclair, 1865-1946 Author and Critic (5)

   Miss O Sinclair of Wigan Lancashire (1)

   Olive Sinclair, Wigan of Wigan Lancashire (1)

   Sir Robert John Sinclair, b 1893 Knight Chairman Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd

   Ronald Sinclair, 1889-1988 British Agent Writer and Traveller (1)

   Thomas Sinclair, 1838-1914 Politician (1)

   Upton Beall Sinclair, 1878-1968 Writer and Politician (2)

   William Sinclair, d 1690 MP for Caithness (1)

   William Angus Sinclair, 1905-1954 Philosopher (1)

   William Macdonald Sinclair, 1850-1917 Archdeacon of London Biblical and
   Theological Scholar (2)

Just thought I'd pass it on, more information on site.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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