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Re: Ireland, Plantation, Terrorism

At 03:22 03/10/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I joined the list some months ago and have read the various messages each 
>day, sometimes fascinated and sometimes in disbelief and despair at the 
>topics.  I have not yet felt it appropriate to contribute (some of you 
>guys are very learned about your subjects!).  Now I do feel qualified ...
>I am 42 now and was brought up in Northern Ireland though I now live in 
>London.  I have therefore from the age of eleven "experienced" the 
>"Troubles" first hand.  More particularly so as my father was a police 
>officer.  I just want to say that Iain Laird's message is so spot 
>on.  Yes, we have been engulfed by Terrorism.  For me that is the use of 
>force against the democratically expressed wishes of the 
>majority.  Ireland will be united one day I expect but it should only come 

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

Your (Derry) branch of the family are thought to be descended from Sir 
James Sinclair of Wester Brims in Caithness.
If you would let me have you snail-mail address off-list (you can contact 
me on niven@niven.co.uk) I will let you have
the information which I have on the Sinclairs of Holyhill.

Niven Sinclair


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