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Re: Jacobites - Prince Michael of Albany

I have not had the time or the inclination to verify Prince Michael's claim
to stuart ancestry myself. However when I queried the various people who
have been so vociferous in their allegations of fraud, despite being
promised sight of the evidence 'proving' the alleged fraud, have never seen
sight nor sign of it.

What I have seen is a naturalisation certficate issued by the British Home
Office to Prince Michael of Albany granting him British citizenship. As the
Home office had been investigatinghis case for over ten years, I believe
that it is reasonable to assume that the know what they are doing.
Furthermore, even Michale's most vociferous critics admit that:
    a) He is a damn good reseracher and author - if that be so and his
claims are judged by the evidence provided in his book 'The Forgotton
Monarchy', how can his claim be false, particularly in the light of the Home
Office Naturalisation certificate?

What I do know about Michale as a person is that he is a good author; his
research into the Knights Templar is meticulous and, furthermore, he is
superb company, a witty raconteur and a damn good friend whose company I
treasure. If Scotland wants a 'King' - a debatable point in itself -then
they would be hard pressed to find a better one.

Best wishes


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