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Re: Hugh and Catherine off list

Dear John

The earliest reference that I know of is Duchsne, Historio Normannorum
scriptores antiqui (Paris, 1619).  Palgrave, Normandy and England (2 vols.,
1851-57);also speaks of the story.

I know of no contemporary records that still exist.  Niven and
Wallace-Murphy are much more ofey than I on Templar records.  It takes a
leap of faith that a celibate warrior Monk would have a wife.  The physical
evidence is in the granting of Scottish land to Hugues de Payns.  That is
not conclusive.  It is circumstantial.

I have been on a tear lately over the statement of 9 Sinclair (St Clair)
knights at Hastings when I can find only one.  I could not agree with more
"The Sinclair family history is colourful and fascinating enough without us
relying on myth's and half truths." The problem I see is that so much
History before the Enlightenment is oral traditions.   These stories are in
the Scot's bard, English minstrel or French chanteur.  Fact and fiction seem

Alba gu Deo!


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>REF Baigent and Leigh, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail
Sir John Bernard Burke, Vicissitudes of Families and Other Essays
William T. Still, New World Order
Desmond Seward, The Monks of War
Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins Rosslyn

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