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War on Terrorism

Relative to the Irish terrorists - America has pretty much stayed out of
it. Mr. Clinton did manaage to get two the pros and cons together and
they agreed to something to stop the bloodshed. However, I understand
that Mr. Bush has stood away from this effort so that the battle goes
on. There is a very low key effort that brings children from Northern
Ireland to the US for the summer, irrepective of their religions to give
them a little peace and a chance to see the other side doesn't wear
horns, etc.  This is sponsored by a children's organization.  I know
people from my church participate each summer. The other problem, from
what I am hearing from an Ulsterman now living in England, that there
are many factions to the pros and cons. The groups evidently feel they
are the only people hurting and do not want to join together and seek a
peaceful end. Not being there, I have no idea of who the groups are and
what they really want, other than either reunite all of Ireland or
complete separation of the North from the rest of Ireland and a
Protestant Country. If indeed the history of this reaches back to the
early English kings who wanted to unite all of the islands under English
rule and the Protestant Reformation and the problems back and forth with
that over several reigns, how is anyone going to sell the idea of peace
when each side feels so damaged by the politics of many centuries?  Am I
to understand that the Clearances brought most(?) of the Scots to Ulster
after 1746?  Cromwell sent English to both ends of the island about
1609. There is/was a question of land ownership and rents charged to the
people on the land. The rents got to the point that they were impossible
to pay. The land lords got greedy and forced people off who had rents
for a long period only to give the land to a favorite. Yes, I know, this
is a tip of the very deep problem.  I do not see that America can bring
the many sides together. Bullets aren't solving anything. Anger on both
sides and unwillingness to see any problem but their own will only
continue the mess. "You are only as happy as you are willing to be" and
unhappy as well!
I'll argue the middle east another time.  This is enough to tie up this
board for now.
anyone want to discuss this offline, esdemio@att.net  regards to all

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