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RE: Research Lodge at Rosslyn

Thanks for your comments.  I hope that the South Carolina Grand Lodge web
site is useful for those interested.  It was created in May of this year so
it truly is still under construction!

Best regards,
Mel of Greenville (SC)

Mel Sinclair, Webmaster
Grand Lodge of Ancient Free
Masons of South Carolina
Email: melsinclair@scgrandlodgeafm.org
Web: http://www.scgrandlodgeafm.org
(Walden Lodge 274, Greenville, SC)

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> Dear Lena, Sinclair, Bruce et al;
> Mel Sinclair kindly included in his email a reference to their South
> Web Site.I went to take a look at it. You will find it very informative on
> Masonic secrets, traditions and what Masonry is all about. An excellent
> overview and one that you will enjoy. Neil Sinclair, Toronto

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