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Re: Gordon Sinclair feedback

At 10:53 20/09/2001 -0400, Neil Sinclair wrote:
>Dear Ian;
>A quick response to your comments pertaining to Gordon Sinclair. While I am
>not related directly I bring the perspective of a Canadian and while you are
>correct that his remarks were written at the time of the Vietnam war, you
>may not be aware that he was a foremost Canadian journalist and very
>articulate, knowledgeable and came with a Canadian perspective. 

I have gathered that by now, but was unaware of his profession, in fact had
never heard of him before his words were quoted on this list. This changes
nothing about my opinion of quoting the said speech in relation to the
horrendous and cowardly deeds perpetuated on a great deal of innocent
victims from many countries around the world on American soil.  Articulate
does not always equate to accurate, unfortunately.  There have been
simpler, more relevant words penned in relation to the terrorist attack
that would suit better.
It is not a time to divide nations by criticising others, but a time for
amalgamation, consolidation.   

>You may be aware from down under that Canada has had an amazing
>outpouring of sympathy and understanding for last weeks events

I am, and am also aware of same for Britain, Australia, New Zealand,
This is _world_ wide.  You will find identical thoughts, fear, remorse,
anger in all free countries in the world.  We also are incensed by this
blatant afront to democracy.

>There is a time to take a stand for what is right.
>This was in his time Gordon Sinclair
>was doing during a climate that was very dark. 

Be that as it may, he still didn't check his facts - the basics for a
Did he ever go to Vietnam?  Was he aware that other countries troops fought
side-by-side with American soldiers?  Methinks not.

>Today many other journalists
>in Canada and elsewhere are lauding the same approach. 

Well I still find that unfortunate.  They seem to have missed the point
completely.  We need _unity_ to fight this thing.  

America, Canada: you are NOT alone in this.  We care, and we have already
committed to assisting you.  We grieve for your lost ones as we do for our

>Salutes from the land of Hockey to those down under. Neil Toronto/PEI/Argyll

Cheers mate!  
>From a sandgroper Sinclair/St.Clair,
Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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