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Re: Gordon Sinclair feedback

Dear Ian;
A quick response to your comments pertaining to Gordon Sinclair. While I am
not related directly I bring the perspective of a Canadian and while you are
correct that his remarks were written at the time of the Vietnam war, you
may not be aware that he was a foremost Canadian journalist and very
articulate, knowledgeable and came with a Canadian perspective. You may be
aware from down under that Canada has had a amazing outpouring of sympathy
and understanding for last weeks events and over 100,000 attended at
Parliament Hill to the ceremony last week to honor the dead and suffering
from this tragedy. Most Canadians have strong ties with America in our
conscious and unconscious thoughts. The world is arriving at a point of
clarity to quote William Bennet. There is evil that can be called evil.
There is goodness that is clearly goodness. There are values we can identify
as worth fighting for, Liberty, Freedom, Education, and so on. There is a
time to take a stand for what is right. This was in his time Gordon Sinclair
was doing during a climate that was very dark. Today many other journalists
in Canada and elsewhere are lauding the same approach. Salutes from the land
of Hockey to those down under. Neil Toronto/PEI/Argyll

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