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Fake Nostradamus.....

yeah, it a fake, all...it's been debunked all over the place...the story
goes that it was written by an Ontario Student who wrote a paper about how
people change Nostra to suit their purposes...others did what he was warning
against...don't get wrapped up in it...find some positive thoughts
today...and each day...

	peace all,

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>> The actual text from the books of Nostradamus:

There is a fake text going around that Nostradamus never wrote.
This looks like it.


>> "In the City of York there will be a great poisoned thunder, two tall
>> brothers of trade torn forever apart by the heart of terror, while the
>> five sided fortress endures, the great leader will succumb","The third
>> big war will begin when the big city internally burns"
>> Ian of Noss Head

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