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RE: Stand Strong America

I just wanted to quickly say that the United States is not totally alone.
A number of Australians have been killed, with 75 still missing.
We might be on the other side of the world.  But we are feeling your loss.
In addition to the devastation and sympathy we all feel, just know we are
with you.

With hopes that many survivors will be located.
With hearts saddenned, and with pride in all who are pitching in for the

Australia linked itself is in mutual obligation with the United States, as
contained in the ANZUS treaty.
Section 10; states an act of war on one nation will be considered as an act
of war on the other nation.
We all hope that war is avoided, but when the time comes for a response,
Australia shall stand beside the US.
For the moment, we concentrate on the tradegy, and pray that it can be some
miracle many more people can be rescued.
The US citizens might feel isolated, but much of the world is angered and
feeling loss either directly or indirectly.
God Bless America!

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