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Re: September 11

Dear People Who Have Sent Messages,

     Thank you very much for all the messages of condolence and support you 
have sent to us.   They mean a lot to me because I work for the United States 
Social Security Administration in Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia, just five 
miles west of the Pentagon.  My office is on the fifteenth floor of a 
high-rise building.
      One of the ladies in my office saw the airplane hit the Pentagon.  We 
all looked out the windows and saw the smoke coming from the Pentagon after 
that.  We were told to go home at 10:00 A.M.  As I walked to my car across 
the street from the building, I heard a loud explosion and reverberation and 
continued to see the smoke.  My husband, Dr. Dane Bowen, and I think the 
second explosion must have been something blowing up inside the Pentagon or 
maybe part of the Pentagon building collapsing.
     My husband was home at the time and he heard both explosions at the 
Pentagon.  He said both explosions shook our house and rattled the windows in 
it.  I returned to work today because my job is to serve the public, no 
matter what happens and because of my Scots heritage I am not afraid.


Susan M. Sinclair Green Grady
Alexandria, Virginia
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