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Re: Background of the Orkneys

>I would like to read the interesting mail "background
>of the orkneys" by Anderson Whittle (dated 8/31/2001),
>but I am unable to open the mail. I suspect something
>went wrong with Yahoo!, or something went wrong when
>sending the message. 


>There should be no problem, if the mail should be in
>the Sinclair Archive. But it isn't! The archive of
>8/31/2001 is empty! Can somebody (Anderson Whittle)
>please send the mail again.
>Thank you for helping.

There was a power outage on that date which interfered with archiving.

The message you seek is in the archive now:

You'll also find that longer articles on the study were posted in March

and in January

>Kind regards,
>Jean de St. Sigeron

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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