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Re: George Sinclair

There is quite a bit of "Sinclair Mythology" surrounding the Battle of
Kringen in 1612, and oral tradition in Norway painted Colonel George as
something of a monster, including his use of gunpowder, weapons and the need
to dispatch him with a silver bullet.  Most of this has to be taken with a
pinch of salt.  The commander of the force was actually Colonel Alexander
Ramsay, and he and two of his officers were taken to the Akers Hus fortress
in Oslo, where we have seen some weapons on display said to have been
captured at Kringen, including a pistol, Lochaber axes and highland
broadswords .  Other weapons were taken to Denmark, as Norway was under
Danish rule at the time. Sel Kommune have asked these to be returned to the
site of the battle, now things are well organised. It is more likely that
George Sinclair would have used a broadsword rather than a sabre, as a
straight double edged sword was used generally by infantry, rather than a
curved sword, which was used by cavalry.

As aye


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> The Sept/Oct issue of "The Highlander" features a lengthy article
> titled "George Sinclair and His Scottish Mercenaries."  Written by
> William McPeak, the article has a couple of interesting maps and a
> sketch of the "Sinclairsable."  What a wicked sword..made for
> slashing.  I wonder if there are any in existence today either reposed

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