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Re: Queen Christina of Sweden

Dear Ivan:

If you get a fix on that Presidential Genealogy website, let us know.  I'm
interested in the John Quincy Adams connection.  As far as he's concerned, I
seem to recall John Quincy's wife saying to him something LIKE "Don't forget
the ladies, John, and remember to treat them better than your ancestors did."
Can't remember the context of her statement, or even if I'm remembering the
correct Adams.  It's an interesting quote, nonetheless--but don't quote me!

All Best!


IDL64@aol.com wrote:

>        Dear Cousins,
>        Does anyone know if Queen Christina of Sweden is related to the
> Sinclairs?
>        Back to a discussion sometime ago.  A connection of John Quincy Adams
> to the Sinclairs was referred to and a website mentioned that deals with
> Presidential Genealogy.  I was not able to find out the connection from the
> website.  Hopefully someone can comment on the connection.
>        In the U.S., the up coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend.  School has
> started at least a week or so ago for most of the children and most Colleges

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