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Re: In the footsteps of Colonel George Sinclair, 1612 - Sinclair's Club and P...

Dear Iain,
              Thank you again for making 1012 an important year.....we'll try 
to be there. Hopefully we shall see you all a few times before that.  When 
are you coming to California?  Just married off my son Andrew to his Amy, and 
had several from my side of the family over from Scotland and Niven from 
London, plus Mary's family from Ireland and England.  Lots of fun in a lovely 
wee town in the beautiful Napa valley called Yountville.  Everyone gone now.  
Andrew got married in his kilt and a lot of us dressed accordingly.  Part of 
the wedding ceremony was the pinning of a Clan Sinclair sash on the bride.  
Andrew's kilt was given by his great grandfather to Charles Patton visiting 
from Melbourne, Australia, in 1939. It sat in a cedar chest there until Mary 
& I made a trip over to Australia about four or five years ago.  Charlie 
offered it to us for Andrew and we gratefully accepted.  So the Australian 
Sinclairs were represented at the wedding, as were the Scottish ones.  Anyway 
all the best to you and your ladies, give them a wee kiss for me.  See you 
next Summer. All the best, Donald J.H.
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