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In the footsteps of Colonel George Sinclair, 1612 - Sinclair's Club and Pillarguri Days 2001 in Norway

We are home again after a very happy few days in Central Norway.  The
photographs are now posted on www.sinclairsclub.net under "Pillarguri Days

For Cousin Ivan of Trafalgar we can now explain that the "Sinclair March"
was a long hike along the "Old King's Road" (Gamle Kongs Veien) to the
battle site.  Since much of this required hiking gear, we took part in a
"lighter version", and there are photos to prove it!

Next year, we hope to be joined by more of the Clan.  As our Chief said
there, there would have been no Pillarguri without the Sinclairs!  Let's get
the numbers back up to the Kringen level in 2002, or at the latest by 2012,
the 400th anniversary, already taking shape!

Yours aye



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