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Sinclair Dates

   August 26

   1346: B. Crecy,
   [2]Edward III of England defeats Philip VI of France. This was a
   battle in the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) between France and
   England, and was one of the earliest times that Welsh longbows
   defeated French knights. The French had longbows, too, from Genoa, but
   the Genoese longbowmen were tired, ill-ordered, and were ridden down
   by their own side's knights, who then were shot down by the Welsh

   1612: Battle of Kringellen, [3]Regiment of Caithness men led by a
   Sinclair wiped out in an ambush in Norway.

   1698: Darien fleet at Madeira, All the ships have arrived safely at

   1789: Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, France became
   a a nation open to all who define themselves as free men. The
   Declaration claimed to be universal in application.

   2000: Viking Ships in Nova Scotia, [4]Halifax.

   2000: Pillarguri Days 2000 main day, Same date as the 1612 [5]Battle
   of Kringen.


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