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How far south? (was: Re: A not-important question)

At 18:15 27/06/01 +0800, I wrote:
>>Ian Newman
>>Perth, Western Australia
>>(and you can't get much farther South than that!)

To which, at 16:52 27/06/2001 +0100, Niven answered:

>Point Sinclair in Australia is further South than you are!!!

Hmm....  Now _that's_ debatable, Niven!  If you find Point Sinclair
(in South Australia) on an Australian Map, and take into account that
my actual home town is some 27 kilometres south of Perth (31 57 South), 
I think I am indeed further South than Point Sinclair.  
It's "touch and go", anyhow!

Regarding aforementioned Point, from

"Nearby is Point Sinclair (Matthew Flinders named it after his midshipman
Sinclair during his 1802 exploration of the coast) a delightful 502 ha area
of coastline
which provides good surfing, fishing and camping in an area characterised by
dramatic cliffs, blowholes and huge sand dunes. Point Sinclair was the
first land in
South Australia to come under a 1980 Heritage Agreement where, in exchange for
not paying rates, a landholder agrees to maintain the native vegetation and
access to the public." 

Anyhow, what about Lake St.Clair in Tassie (Tasmania)?   

After that, there's a St.Clair Beach in New Zealand.
That would beat all of them!


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
claiming the Nitpicker-of-the-year award   (-:
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