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Re: Lest we forget

The plaque is of the battle, there is no mention of Sir William.

"One of the most outstanding episodes of Teba's history was the death of
Black Douglas before his (Alfonso XI of Castilla) castle's walls. This
character was a commanding officer of the Scottish army, who, on his way to
the crusades and carrying the heart of the king of Scotland, Robert The
Bruce, allied with the Christian army who at that moment were attacking the
castle. There is a commemorative plaque of that battle."

a Cathcart family manuscript quoted by Ronald McNair Scott,

"Early in the spring of 1330, he (Douglas) set sail from Berwick in a ship
fitted ....;; He had on board six knights, linked in friendship,
neighbouring landowners from the Stewart domains: Sir William Sinclair of
Roslyn, Sir Robert and Sir Walter Logan, Sir William Keith, Sir Alan
Cathcart and Sir Symon Loccard of Lee, and one other knight unnamed.
Twenty-six squires and gentlemen were there to serve"

In a web published work "Seven Centuries"   Simon Macdonald Lockhart:

" . . When Douglas saw Sir William St. Clare of Roslin in dire straits,
tradition says he seized the casket from his neck and flung it into the fray
shouting as he did so: 'Be thou in the van brave heart as thou wast ever
wont, and Douglas will follow or die.'


Ref Robert the Bruce : King of Scots  Ronald McNair Scott (April 1996)
Carroll & Graf; ISBN: 0786703296
A History of Scotland  Bruce Lenman, Geoffrey Parker, John Duncan MacKie 2nd
Rep edition (March 1992)
Viking Press; ISBN: 0140136495

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