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Re: Lest we forget

I have been think a lot about Sir William lately.   It is recorded that as
was the custom long ago when people died far from where they would be
buried, that the flesh would be boiled from their bones.  This flesh was
then buried nearby, in this case somewhere close to Teba, I suppose, in a
consecrated grave.   It was just the bones that were then taken to the home
burial site.
Question:   Has anyone searched to see whether this burial site is still in
existence?   It seems like it should be.  There has already been the
discussion on how  a Spanish king's church  later became a custodian of body
parts of King Malcolm and St. Margaret, his wife, in the 16th century, I
believe.  It might be that this continuing interest and connection with
Scotland (or was it purely an ecclesesiasticaly interest in Margaret's saint
hood?)  might have preserved those earlier graves to this day.

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Sir William Sinclair, was one of the Knights chosen to accompany Sir James
Douglas to the Holy Land with the heart of King Robert the Bruce.
Sir William died alongside Sir James Douglas, on 25th August 1330, on the
plains of Andalusia, in a battle with the Saracens. Sir William left an
infant son, another Sir William Sinclair, the third Earl of Roslin.

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