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Laura Zolo's trip

Niven has been very busy these last few weeks.  I am sending out what little
I have received and anticipate a fuller report from him when he is able.

A message from D'Layne Coleman last week said that the markings on the
 rocks at Lake Memphrememagog have yet to be completely deciphered.
 There was a barbeque at Bill Mann's home in Toronto which Rory and others
 attended.  Laura did not attend since she had to leave the day before
 because her boat was having serious engine trouble.  Laura may have
 to the lake to get another picture of the triangle with the square that was
 under the horse Sliper (??) and by now she may be making new plans.

 Credit is given to Professor Leduc who helped arrange for permission from
 the homeowner to allow the group to examine the rocks. Michael Bradley had
 suggested that these  'carvings' at Lake  Mempremagog  were Prince Henry in
 origin ---
  Niven pronounced them Viking.

 D'Layne went to the wedding of the President of the Italian Cultural
 society's daughter.  He attended Laura's celebration last year and helped
 Laura with money and food so this important connection with Italy is still
 being maintained.  Perhaps he will fly to Chicago in Sept. when Laura and
 D'Layne are honored by the Lion's Club of Chicago.


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