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Thiepval Memorial

We have been asked for a name on the Thiepval Memorial.  We will go sometime
this week if anyone has a name that they would like a photo of please let us
know.  I am quite moved and amazed at the number of requests.   Please make
your requests to sinclair@sinclair.ch

The men who died in the Great War have not been forgotten.  What they did
and why they did it, friend or foe alike must never be forgotten.   A
million (1,000,000) men from every corner of the  Empire died. Sixty
thousand Americans (60,000) One million two hundred and fifty thousand
(1,250,000) French one million seven hundred thousand  (1,700,000) Germans.
The numbers are so great that they lose significance until you are faced
with the row upon endless row of graves.  Beneath every stone the is the
mortal remains of a son, a brother, a husband, a father or a sweetheart that
some mother birthed with love. There is the child that played, the young man
who loved. The green fields and blue skies look down peace and tranquillity
reign.  Once there thunder in these fields.  Mighty Armies crashed and
collided across the green swards.  In winter's bitter cold and the heat of
summer men fought and died.

I know what the history books say, but why?

I look at cemetery books now and say "thank God no Sinclair"

Built on the site of the former Thiepval Chateau and now dominating the
surrounding countryside, is a huge arched memorial was unveiled by the
Prince of Wales on 31st July, 1932.

On white stone panels are inscribed over 73,000 names of  British and French
soldiers who were killed in the Somme Battlefield between 1916 - 17, and who
have no known graves. The Memorial to the Missing is constructed on the site
Thiepval Chateau.


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