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Rudolph Hess-Rosslyn

17 August 1987 Rudolph Hess after 46 years in Spandau Prison, committed
suicide aged 92.He made a eccentric flight to Scotland 10 May 10, 1941, and
flew nonstop to Scotland, where he parachuted , carrying peace proposals.
Hitler quickly disowned his mission as that of a man with "pacifist
delusions," He was treated as a prisoner of war. In addition to demanding to
see the Duke of Hamilton, who Hess had met at the Berlin Olympics, Hess
sought the Glastbury bronze bowl, the Saint Elizabeth Cup from Egypt, the
wooden cup from
Nanteos in North Wales, the emerald bowl owned by Napoleon and the precious
metal Grail allegedly in Rosslyn Chapel.

In speculation led by H. Thomas MD. It is claimed that the last Nazi
prisoner was not Hess but a ringer. Sentenced to a life term in Spandau
prison, Hess remained the last of the Nazis in captivity Hess had received
two chest wounds in WWI The A victors, British, Americans, and the Soviets
took turns guarding the dwindling Nazi community . In 1972, Welsh surgeon
Hugh Thomas gave Hess a complete physical. When Hess's chest X-rays came
back, Thomas turned to the prisoner and said, "Why Herr Hess, There is no
X-ray evidence of your two chest wounds." At that, Hess bolted from the
medical office and ran back to his cell, refusing to ever
be examined again.

Was it Hess who was secretly buried at dead of night 18 August 1987 without
post mortem examination.  What led to this bizzare request for the Grail?
What did Hess know?  Is the Grail at Rosslyn?


The Murder of Adolph Hess, by Hugh Thomas (Harper & Row, 1979)
 Churchill's Deception, by Louis C. Kilzer (Simon & Schuster, 1994)

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