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Re: a few Sinclairs Streets

How dare they change the name of St. Clair in Cincinnati!!  That had a real
historical linkage to the founding of Cincinnati.

"In 1788, settlers established a village called Losantiville on what is now
the site of Cincinnati.  In 1790, Gen. Arthur St. Clair, the first governor
of the Northwest Territory, changed the name to Cincinnati.   He did so to
honor the Society of the Cincinnati, an organization that was founded by
Army officers of the Revolutionary War in America."
World Book Ency.
"Society of the Cincinnati
is the oldest military organization in the US.  Officers of the Continental
Army founded it in 1783.  George Washington was its first president.  The
name Cincinnati comes from the Roman hero Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.  The
city of Cincinnati, OH, was named for the society.  The organization
restricts membership to the oldest male descendants of the commissionn ed
officers in the regular forces of the Continental Army or Navy.  It has
about 2,400 members.  Headquarters in Washington D.C."  World Book Ency

This organization, and the the Masons, like to list Washington as one of
their members.  Washington really resisted becoming a part of this
organization because of the anti-Jewish clauses in its constitution.
Finally these were done away with so he consented to be the first president.
Little did he know at the time that the constitution enabled individual
chapters to write these anti-Jewish sentiments into their constitutions.
When he realized what had happened, he withdrew his membership.

Washington also withdrew his membership from the Masons in later life
because he disliked the changes (??) brought in by the French.
Washington was so honorable.   Yes, he was human and not God, but he tried
very hard to do the right thing and realized that people did look upon him
as a hero and role model.

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> There's a St.Clair Ave. in Columbus, OH. too! There used to be one in
> but they changed it.
> Jennifer

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