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A New Zealand Icon

                             Broadcaster Peter Sinclair Dies

A New Zealand broadcasting icon Pete Sinclair died this morning, finally
loosing his battle with cancer a long illness.

Pete worked for the NZ Broadcasting Service and was a pioneer in modern
styles of broadcasting, and contributed to News Talk until only a few months
before his death.

.One of his final public performances was at the Radio Awards this year when
he was given the Order of Merit.
He was to ill to appear in person but in true Sinclair spirit sent a
recorded message saying farewell to his work mates.

He signed off saying,
                "Thats it I quit! this is Mrs Sinclairs little boy signing
off for the last time"
The Sinclair Clan of NZ join with people of NZ in expressing sympathy in the
loss of a friend and a  Great New Zealand Icon   PETER SINCLAIR

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