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Re: Gaudeo te illud de me zogavisse

Having only returned from France some three eeks ago, I can echoe Charlottes
comments from direct persona;l experience.

Thin skinned members of the list abound - they are part of the weft and the
war of it and thats fine, the list should and does encompass all views and
personalities. However having ben on the recieving end of the caustic
rhetoric that flows from those who are so afflicted mat I pose a couple of

Are not such incidents simply part of life? Are the Sinclairs by nature not
argumentative from time to time?

This particular incident simply demonstrates how fast people come of the
mark as the result of misunderstood, accidentally bad(sic) computerised
mistranslations - at least it shows that we have three members, possibly
more, well versed in the classics. And, as usual, the target, labehotierre,
is one of those whose intellectual contributions are highly prized. I have
crossed swords with him on more than one pocciasion, will undoubtedly do so
again and hope to gain as much from the next head to head with him as I have
done from previous debates. He is to be prized.

Best wishes


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