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Re: Lafayette a Sinclair?

Dear Sinclair,
     Greatly enjoyed the Arnold-Andre history because I had ancestors there
at the time.  The pension application of my John Coleman says " In the
following year, 1779, in the fore part of March I again enlisted for nine
months in a company of Rangers under Capt. Hausser.  We marched to Fort
Independence and assisted in repairing the Fort.  We remained here about two
months I should think and then went to Orange County to Smiths Cove in the
highlands and took Claudius Smith, his sons and some other noted Tories and
robbers and brought the Smiths to Goshen jail and the others to Polliper
     I wonder whether Joshua Hett Smith was related to Claudius?  I have
never been able to find out where Polliper Island was?   Probably the
spelling is incorrect and only written by an Ohio clerk in 1840 the way it
sounded.   How was Andre descended from the Sinclairs?
     I have been interested also in the Shri Lanka St. Clairs.   How do you
suppose they fit into the family tree?   I sent the information on to Ken
Sinclair (Canada I think) who is keeping a data base of St. Clair places
which I link to.

> Benedict Arnold was at breakfast when he learned that British Major John
> Andre was captured. Sinclair blood flowed in Andre. Andre found himself
> deserted by Arnold's henchman, Tory Joshua Hett Smith, in what is now
> Westchester county in New York. Disguised as a civilian, Andre had the
> singular misfortune to be singled out by three American highwaymen who
> stopped him and robbed him. In their zeal to steal even his boots, one of
> the thugs noticed a suspicious bulge inside Andre's stocking and, when it
> was unfolded, turned out to contain a map of the shabby fortifications of
> West Point, which Arnold was planning to allow the British to capture so
> that he could switch sides and join the British.

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