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Dear J Sinclair,

Please read through all the names and births in the information below.  It may help you and I.  I have several John Sinclair in my family line.  I know somebody out there has some kind of information to help me.  I have been given this information from a source on the internet.  I am not sure.  I know I could check the census records and I am in the process.  I was hoping that one of my Sinclair cousins would recognize the family line below.  Please read the family line below and help me.

John Jackson Sinclair b. 1847 Anson County NC D. 1926 Henderson County, NC 
wife:  Myria Conner b. Abt. 1851  Anson County NC 
1.) George Sinclair 
2.) Henritta Sinclair b. abt. 1871 
3.) Martha Sinclair b. abt. 1873 
4.) Amanda Sinclair b. Abt. 1873 
5.) Susan Sinclair b. 
6.) Margaret " Maggie" Sinclair b. May 6, 1876 d. March 4, 1962  She married 
James Kern Easler abt. 1858 I have all Maggie and James children and 
7.) Nancy Sinclair b. abt. 1879 
8.) James B. Sinclair b. abt. 1880 
Wife 2:  Martha Waggoner  Married Dec. 3, 1885 Buncomb County NC 
Children of Martha and John Jackson Sinclair 
1.) Mollie Sinclair 
2.) Gertrude Sinclair 

Father of John Jackson Sinclair 

John Alfred Augustos Sinclair b 1820 in Anson County NC d. 1865 Charlotte 
Mecklenburg County NC 
wife:  Susan Dunn b: 1822 Anson County d. Feb. 13, 1911 Henderson County 
Married abt. 1842 
1.) John Jackson Sinclair b. 1847 d. 1926 
2.) Joseph Marion Sinclair b. abt. 1846 d. Feb. 22, 1877 
3.) Mary Anne Sinclair b. abt. 1849 Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC 
4.) Della Sinclair b. abt. 1851 Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC 
5.) James Sinclair b. abt. 1843  Anson County D. 1898 Arkansas 
6.) Elim Sinclair b. 1850 Chesterfield County, SC 
7.) William Sinclair b. Jan. 4, 1863 Chesterfield SC d. August 27, 1937 
Fruitland NC 
8.) Marion Sinclair b. March 24, 1854 Chesterfield SC d. March 8, 1941 
9.) George F. Sinclair b. July 23, 1860 Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC 
     Married Dora Hamrick 
10.) Martha J. Sinclair b. 1845 Anson County NC 
11.) Mary Ann Sinclair b. July 29, 1856 Chesterfield County, SC 
12.) Margaret Mondella Sinclair b. August 14, 1858 Anson D. Dec. 12, 1936 
Fairview Buncomb County NC 

Father of John Alfred Augustos Sinclair 

Alfred Sinclair b. July 1786 Chattam County, NC d. bef. 1841 in Anson County, 
Married abt. 1805 to Rhoda Lewellen b. abt. 1784 in Anson County, NC 

1.) John Alfred Augustos Sinclair b. 1820 d. 1865 Married Susan Dunn 
2.) Female Sinclair b. abt. 1807 
3.) Female Sinclair b. abt. 1808 
4.) Calvin R. Sinclair b. abt. 1814 Anson County 
5.) James w. Sinclair b. abt. 1816 Anson County 
6.) William T. Sinclair b. abt. 1819 Anson County 
7.) Oliver H. Sinclair b. abt. 1823 Anson County 
8.) Wade H. Sinclair b. abt. 1825 Anson County 
9.)Peter A. Sinclair b. 1827 Anson county 
10.) Mary Jane Sinclair b. August 25, 1830 New Salem NC d, Sept. 28, 1916 
Marrshville NC 

Parents of Alfred Sinclair 

Peter Sinkler b.abt. 1740 in Brunswick County, VA d. abt. 1782 Chattam County 
Mary Walter ?  b. abt. 1739 Brunswick County, VA d. aft. 1797 Chattam County 

1.) Alfred Sinclair b. July 1786 Chatham NC d. bef. 1841  M. Rhoda Lewellen 
2.) James Sinclair b. abt. 1763 Brunswick County VA d. abt. 1824 Anson County 
3.) David Sinclair b. abt. 1764 Anson NC 
4.) Mark Sinclair b. abt. 1765 Brunswick County VA 
5.) Hezekiah Sinclair b. abt. 1770 Chatham d. abt. 1820 Bedford County Tenn. 
6.) Lott Sinclair b. abt. 1772 Chatham NC 
7.) Noah Sinclair b. abt. 1774 Chatham NC 
8.) Martha Sinclair b. abt. 1776 Chatham NC 
9.) Milley Sinclair b. abt. 1780 Chatham NC 
10.) Tabitha Sinclair b. abt. 1782 Chatham NC 
11.) John Sinclair b. 1762 Brunswick VA d. April 10, 1827 m. Effie Mc Laurin 
abt. 1783 

Any and all information would be very appreciated.  I can be contacted at porkchop@troycable.net also.

Sincerely, Wanda K.