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Black Sinclairs

After the T. Jefferson exchange where that Revisionist nonsense Roots was
obliquity referred to a few people have written off list to me about what do
I know about ' Black Sinclairs' Niven is the man with the answers.

My question is "Are Americans afraid of history?" There is no difference in
men for the colour their skin only the qualities of a their hearts. By the
definition accepted in the United States, any person with even a small
amount of Negro Blood is Negro. Logically, it would be exactly as
justifiable to say that any person with even a small amount of white blood
is white. Why  say one rather than the other? Because the former
classification suits the convenience of those making the classification.
Society regards as true those systems that produce the desired results.
Science seeks only the most generally useful systems of classification;
these it regards for the time being, until more useful classifications are
invented, as true. Do not for a moment think that any apology is necessary
for being white, black, yellow or what ever. The glory of our ancestors are
theirs alone so are their mistakes.  We can not change history we can only
try to learn from it.

A Sinclair is a Sinclair and that is enough to fill a life time for any man.

Un politicaly correct


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