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Celtic toes

Dear cousins,
    One more thing caught my eye in the July Scottish Banner,

I don't know whether this poem on "Celtic Toes" is based upon fact, or
whether someone is pulling our leg, or in this case our Toes...

The poem says in one place:

"Do my toes grow
in a straight Saxon row,
Or have I the large
Celtic second toe?"

 Now I feel vindicated
After years of mirth
 My toes, must have
a noble Celtic birth.

What about you.  Remember back before your shoes forced the second toe to
conform to shoes, were the second toes longer than the big toe?   Message me
privately if yours were similar so we don't clog up John's website with this
nonsense.  Don't comment if yours are otherwise.   I will keep a tally and
report in a week or so.

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