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Re: St.Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

At 06:52 01/07/2001 EDT, you wrote:
>I hope you enjoyed St. Giles, Ian of Perth. Judy and I were there in July 
>1999. What a beautiful cathedral. With Montrose on one side and Argyll on
>other. The Knights of the Thistle's small chamber left us awe struck, with 
>the ornate carvings, clan banners above the Knights seats, and the Royal
>A kindly older gentleman gave us an unexpected personal tour when I told him 
>I was a Sinclair who had "come home".
>Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis

Hi Donald,

I forgot to mention the Thistle Chapel - did you spot the Sinclair Arms on
your immediate left as you entered?
We enjoyed it immensely - but we're so glad we left Rosslyn chapel until last!

"I'll be back!"


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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