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Re: Pillarguri Festival 2001 in Norway

 Hi Cousin Ivan!
This festival is developing from year to year, with the Sinclair element
becoming stronger each time.  "Sinclair's Play" this year will be a
development of the cultural evening in the Town Hall, which we have attended
for the last two years, and tells the story of Colonel Sinclair's men
arriving in the valley and the 1612 Battle.  The "Sinclair March" refers to
the parade by the Town Band and the Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band from open air
concert in the centre to Pillarguri's statue.  You will find a full report I
wrote of our visit in 1999, lead by our Chief, The Earl of Caithness and
Niven Sinclair on John Sinclair Quarterman's site at
http://www.mids.org/sinclair/pillarguri.html complete with photographs, and
a full account of our visit last year on the Sinclair's Club website
www.sinclairsclub.net which is dedicated to the festival and tells the full
story, with pictures, photographs and video clips.  Sinclair's Club itself
is the group of six life Members of the Pillarguri Committee who have
revived the traditions of the Battle.

An old version of the events of 1612 "The Massacre of the Scots at Kringen,
26th August 1612, based on accounts gathered in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley by
Hans Petter Schnitler Krag, Pastor of the Parish of Vågå, 1820-1845" has
just been re-published by Per A Holst and I helped to proof-read his English
translation.  There is a picture of the booklet in the "1612 Battle" page in
the Sinclair's Club website.  I have just drafted a review which I hope you
will be able to read quite soon.  Since it is based on oral tradition it has
to be read critically as it conflicts on some details with more recent
thoroughly researched accounts.  Per Holst tells me that among Pastor Krag's
papers he has found the traditional valley tunes "Pillarguri's Song" and
"Sinclair's March", since forgotten, but let us see what this year's
festival produces!

 A tragic historical event has given rise to a positive and very enjoyable
modern festival, celebrating the heritage of Norway and Scotland.  When the
Town Band and the Pipe Band play "Amazing Grace" together the resulting
combination generates powerful emotions, and reminds us of the effect in us
of our own Norse roots.  Our hosts in Norway are warm and friendly and their
hospitality is quite overwhelming.  They share our delight that our Chief
will be there again this year, and hopefully Niven can manage it to.  The
Clan videos "Sinclair Castles" and "The Templar Renaissance" are to be
incorporated to the programme, and in addition, Niven has donated "The
Prince and the Grail" for the use of Sinclair's Club in Otta.

All Clansfolk who can should try to be there, in Norway, from 23-26 August.
Contact details are in the Sinclairs's Club website, and I will be happy to
help any inquiries off the list.  And for those who cannot be there, I will
be preparing a report for the Clan Newsletters worldwide and photographs for

Yours aye


 Member of the Pillarguri Committee since August 2000

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>     Please give us a report on your attendance at this event.  Either then
> now please tell us about THE SINCLAIR PLAY  and  THE SINCLAIR MARCH.

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