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Re: A not-important question

Hi Y'all,

We are of the southern US branch of the Sinclairs -- please note that is not 
the "Saint" branch!  

I am a very young 55 years old, and my daughter is 36 she is also on the 
list:  toomean2@aol.com.

We are looking forward to the Highland games in NC and GA.  Hoping to see our 
cousin Mel in his kilt!

Our Sinclair heritage cannot be traced [as of now] past SC, but hopefully, 
our oldest Sinclair ancestor, John Sinclair, will find a family soon, or 
maybe we can find a family to adopt him.

If the tour to Scotland in May comes to light, we will be there!  You have 
been forewarned!

Sarah Sinclair Stribling
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