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Re: Message for Francine Bernier

Dear Tim,

Actually I received it twice! so do not worry! all is fine and I deeply
appreciate your quick and precise reply. I will pass it on to my friend -
who, by the way, is has just finished - after 15 years of research! -
writing a book (in stores in about one month) about the Order of the
Hospitaliers de Saint-Jean de Malte & Knoghts Templar in the New World up to
1665 (Nouvelle France).

Again, thank you!


> Dear FRancine,
> I have replied to your earlier email to me re Knight & Lomas far-fetched
> theories. Sadly the reply got mis-directed to an erroneous address - please
> email me directly agin and confirm your email address and I will re-send.
> Best wishes
> Tim

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