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Re: family

Jean Stokes wrote:

> Dear Neil,
> I think my Uncle Robert may have pipped you for the Grand daddy role. As
> near as I can work out, My Dad was 19 when Robert was born,Dad was born in
> 1898 and I think Robert is 84 this year.  Mind you, while he is very active
> and he and Patricia, his wife of 50+ years do a tremendous amount, he
> doesn't use a computer or the Internet.
> So congratulations.
> Jean Sinclair Stokes.At 11:47  17/06/01 -0400, you wrote:

Dear Jean,

    I am sure there are more St. Clair/Sinclairs over the age of 83 since I
'think' of 83 as young.
My reference to 'out there' was in regards to those on the ''list' that have
been providing us with their age.

Thanks for communicating.   Niall St. Clair

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