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SINCLAIRS, in reponse to Porkchop

On my grandfathers DC, it states his father was James (nmi) Sinclair and his 
mother was Amanda (maiden name)(unknown). He was born  in Ky. Daniel Thomas 
Sinclair was born on July 15,1983, he was 35 yrs,8 mo's and 8days old when he 
died. Daniel was listed as a Machinist on his DC, and a Toolmaker on my 
mothers BC. at the time of his death, he lived in the city of Dayton,Ohio in 
Montgomery County, and had lived there 2 yrs.I was able to obtain this info 
from a site for Montgomery County,I then requested a BC. I cannot seem to 
find that site anymore, Would anyone have the site address for the OHIO 
Historical Society? I do want to find out about James and Amanda. My brother 
was on business in Cincinatie and copied some things at the Covington 
Library. Their was something about a Judge and Mrs. J>T Sinclair,carrie 
Sinclair and John Sinclair. No specifcs as he was looking for Charbonneaus 
and Cunninghams. On the OHIO Societys list was an EDIN SINCLAIR DIED 1/17/19 
in HamiltonCounty and in Montgomery County, a FRANK SINCLAIR died on 
10/21/19, and  a JAMES A. SINCLAIR died on 3/25/14. I need to send for those 
DC's to see if there is a common denominator.