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John and Myra Sinclair of NC, GA, TN?, and SC? HELP!!!!!

John (b. approx. 1849) and Myra Sinclair (b. approx. 1847) are my Great Great Great Grandparents.  I am approximating the years of birth based on their ages in the 1880 census in Bumcombe County NC.  They had six children: Henrietta, Martha, Amanda, Margaret, Nancy (my Great Great Grandmother), and James B.  I understand that their is somebody who is keep up with a list of John Sinclair's and who they married and when they were born.  Does anybody have information on my John Sinclair parents, birth date, and birth place.  Please help.  I do know that at some point my Sinclair family moved to Georgia because Nancy, my great great Grandmother, married Jesse T. Brannon in Georgia in the early 1890's.  Furthermore, Nancy's youngest son, Charlie is still living and he remembers visiting one of Nancy's sisters in Tennesee when he was a child so the family may have moved to Tennesee at some point.  I can be reached at porkchop@troycable.net  

Sincerely, Wanda