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Father of Nancy Sinclair Located!!!!!!!!!

I have located the father of my Great Great Grandmother, Nancy Sinclair.  I located her as a child with her parents in the 1880 Census.  My family was correct in saying she was born in Buncombe County North Carolina.  According to the 1880 Census, She was the Daughter of John and Myra Sinclair.  I don't know Myra's maiden name.  There were six children in all:
Kinritta/Kenritta age 9
Martha age 7
Amanda age 7
Margaret age 4
Nancy age 2/3
James B. b. in 1880
Ages come from the 1880 census.  Do any of these names sound familiar to anyone?  Please reply.  I can be reached at porkchop@troycable.net
sincerely, Wanda