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Re: Sinclair Naval Records

We have quite a few John A.'s and  more than one J.A. if you can give a few
more details I will look.  It will take a while this is a bloody great pile
of paper and I am no genealogist, but I am literate.  We are trying to
compile a record of Sinclairs who served especially those who fell. The
Brits, Canadians, Australians, South Africans, Norwegians, Poles, Germans
and the American Navy and Army have been most helpful.  The United States
Marines said, words to the effect that,  it was to time consuming to supply
names to honour their dead.

I anyone has any information please send it to us off list.

We have a Malcolm I. Sinclair born in Scotland, a citizen of Massachusetts,
commissioned into the US Navy who served on  the USS Constitution and in
both the American Rebellion and the War of 1812. Perhaps Lord Caithness  is
the original Highlander and just not telling us

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>I'd be quite interested in learning about these records and what they
>contain. My g-g-grandfather John Albert Sinclair served in the Civil War

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